Mountain Select Priority Policy

Mountain Select is borne of the WCHL. We are a collective product that stems from a desire for more hockey. Our players can compete at a higher level because of the initial instruction, ice, and enthusiasm provided by our home associations and combined with further time, effort, and investment of these clubs, all of you, and our committed coaches and directors.

Thanks for remembering to FIRST be a Leaf, a Grizzly, a Riverhawk, a Stampeder, Lightning, a Lizardhead, a Mountaineer, or a Wolverine and for flying that flag wholeheartedly on WCHL league game days while cheering for your Mountain Select teammates (and good, healthy competition); we wouldn't be us without our roots.

In that spirit, a few guidelines to keep:

  • only wear MSH practice jerseys at MSH practices
  • wear your local club warm-ups when playing for your local club
  • Please only display the small 1.5” MSH sticker on your helmet if you choose, anything
  • larger will not be permitted
  • prioritize your home association games to ensure hearty rosters and note that directors and coaches may determine eligibility for MSH games based on consistent participation
  • By registering for Mountain Select, you are also committing to participation with your home association and prioritizing games with your home association as and when required, though we do not intend to create any scheduling conflicts. This applies to outside opportunities that may also conflict. If a player voluntarily misses a home association weekend, they may be removed from the roster for the next round of Mountain Select games.

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